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  Office of the Arkansas State Climatologist

101 E. Capitol, Suite 350  -  Little Rock, Arkansas  72201  -  (501) 682-3960  -  FAX (501) 682-3991

Dug Hollow on the Buffalo River

Mount Magazine Lodge Cocorahs 
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CoCoRaHS is a national rain gauge network.  As a participant, nearly 900 gauges have been registered in Arkansas to report daily rainfall and other climate data.  March is also "March Madness" month for CoCoRaHS.    Become a volunteer and join  "The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)". Help Arkansas compete for the most new volunteers.  Click on the logo on the left and "Join CoCoRaHS."... in March!!!!
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Crowley's Ridge State Park Cossatot River Bayou Bartholomew

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